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Who we are and what we stand for

The Vectis Party is a political party dedicated to promoting and improving the Isle of Wight for the benefit of the residents that live there.  The party believes in two central tenets; Localism and Decentralisation.  Ultimately the party believes that local institutions, primarily a strengthened Isle of Wight Council, should be delegated competencies in a number of key policy areas that would most benefit from local knowledge. These policy areas include:

      Health & Social Care

      Planning & Housing

      Economic Development (Industry, Agriculture, Tourism and Small Business)




The Vectis Party is made up of ordinary residents from across the Isle of Wight from a range of different backgrounds.  Our aim is to harness the creative ability and technical knowhow of local people in order to produce a political movement that gives the unique character of the Island the standard bearer it deserves.  

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