Local Election Candidate Volunteers

Thank you for expressing an interest in standing for the Vectis Party in this years local elections to the Isle of Wight Council.  We intend to contest as many Wards as we can across the Island in order to give the greatest number of Islanders the chance to "Vote Vectis" in May.

As a potential candidate you probably have several questions for the party before committing to stand for us and I will try and answer the most common here:

1. What will it cost me and how much time do I need to spend on my campaign?

  A. It is entirely up to you although I would point out that the more you put in the more likely you are to succeed.  

2. What support will the Vectis Party give me for my campaign?


  A. We intend to run a full campaign and mobilise as much support as we can.  If we have volunteers in your area then we will direct them to you to help you leaflet and so on.  We will be producing a large selection of leaflets that will be available to you at cost.  There will be a mixture of generic party literature and other things that can be personalised for you.  In general it is better to use things that are specifically about you the candidate as that is who people will be voting for.  From an Island perspective we will use our profile to garner media attention and this can be used to support you local campaign too. There will be lists circulating with Parties and Candidates on and this enables the public to see you and understand what you are standing for.  What we are not in a position to do is bankroll your campaign.  What resources we have will be focused on island wide media campaigns and some generic materials which you can use.  Our commitment is to give you all the support we can because your success is our success and vice versa. 

3. What commitment do I need to make to the Vectis Party in order to become a candidate?

  A. We require all of our candidates to sign a declaration that they support the aims and objectives of the Vectis Party and will work towards delivering the party manifesto if elected.

4. "Mrs. Jones asked me what I was going to do about the floating bridge, help!"

  A. Policy is an underrated tool in Isle of Wight politics.  The Vectis Party will have a manifesto and a full set of policies on major issues, including the floating bridge where we are calling for a Public Enquiry.  Standing as a Vectis Party candidate means you will be able to confidently answer all sorts of questions by quoting from our manifesto and other statements.  We have just released our seven point plan entitled "Looking after the Isle of Wight" which lays out some of our key policy points.  We intend to have spokespersons in place covering major areas as well so that we can challenge in an effective way whenever we need to and fight on many fronts at once.  These spokespeople will be responsible for developing policy and they will be a mine of information for you. 


We believe that it is right and proper to lay out in advance how we would run the Isle of Wight Council.  It is not good enough to simply say that "We are not the current lot, vote for us".  We owe it to the people to explain what we will do on their behalf and deliver on those promises once elected.

5. Will I be able to stand in the Ward where I live?

  A. If we have not already selected a candidate for that Ward then the answer is yes.  If you feel you would like to stand somewhere other than where you live, perhaps where you work or where you family is then that is fine too.  If you are interested in just standing as a paper candidate to give people the chance to Vote Vectis then we can discuss what Wards are available for you.  Ultimately the choice is yours and we will do all we can to accommodate you.

6. I am concerned that by standing I may split the vote?

  A. While being aware of the debate around unseating certain political parties and individual sitting councillors we do not subscribe to the splitting the vote argument.  The Vectis Party is a unique local party with its own policies and plan.  We are not the same as any other group or party, if we were then what would be the point of our existence?  Our aim is to gather public support and take control of the Isle of Wight Council.  Along the way we intend to bend the political scene on the Island towards our way of thinking.  As such we want the maximum number of people to be able to learn about us, meet our people (you) and ultimately vote for us. 


While we may agree with "Group B" that "Party C" needs to be got out of office, that doesn't mean we agree with "Group B" on everything else.  Unseating "Party C" and then just hoping everything will be alright afterwards is reckless.  Standing aside means limiting choice and disenfranchising voters. Would you trust a party that treats their own supporters in such a contemptible manner?

The Vectis Party stands on its own merits for its own cause.

Our People

Promoted by Daryll Pitcher on behalf of the Vectis Party both at 19 Norman Way, Wootton Bridge, Isle of Wight, PO33 4NJ