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Terms & Conditions / How we use your data

Membership Code of Conduct


  1. The Vectis Party reserves the right to refuse an application for Membership.

  2. Application for Membership is open to all persons over the age of 16 provided they are not currently subject to sanction by the Vectis Party.

  3. Ordinary Members must have paid the relevant subscription.

  4. Subscription will last one calendar year from the date of acceptance.

  5. The expiry date of a Membership will be shown on the Members Membership Card.

  6. Members agree to be bound by the Vectis Party Constitution and Rules including any new permanent or temporary rules enacted by the Executive Committee which regulate Party Members.

  7. The Party Chairman has the right to suspend or expel Members who break any part of this Code of Conduct.

    1. Any sanction taken under paragraph 6 by the Chairman shall be confirmed by the Executive Committee at the earliest opportunity.

    2. Any Member subject of sanction by the Chairman under paragraph 6 may appeal to the Executive Committee.

  8. A Members shall be classed as ‘in good standing’ so long as their subscriptions are paid up to date, they are not subject to any suspension or exclusion from elected office, and not subject to suspension, sanction, or restriction of their Party Membership.

  9. Members are expected to sustain and promote the objectives of the Vectis Party.

  10. Members must not engage in conduct that brings or risks bringing the Vectis Party into disrepute.

  11. Members must not engage in harassment, bullying, abuse, defamation or any type of discrimination by any means including via social media of any person, persons or identifiable group.

  12. Members must not make statements on behalf of the Vectis Party or any of its affiliates or campaigning groups unless they have the authority to do so.

  13. All Members must respect internal confidentiality at all times.

  14. No Member shall stand as an independent candidate or as the candidate for another Party for election to any authority where there is an official Vectis Party candidate.

  15. By supplying personal data to register as a Member you agree that the Vectis Party, elected representatives of the Vectis Party, Vectis Party campaign groups, and candidates in internal Vectis Party elections may contact you using any of the data supplied.

    1. For more information on how we use your data please see

You may opt-out of receiving these communications at any time by contacting the Party Secretary.

Supporter Subscriptions


How we use your data is regulated by the GDPR Regulations overseen by the ICO (


  1. Where you have identified as a supporter your data will be held until such time as you unsubscribe from receiving communications from the party.

  2. We gather your data from a number of sources including via our website subscription service, registering for or at events, via printed literature sign up and from canvassing information.

  3. We may gather a range of data including your email address, telephone number(s), postal address and social media links.

  4. What we use your data for

    1. Keeping you informed of activities of the Vectis Party

    2. Inviting you to events organized in whole or in part by the Vectis Party

    3. Inviting you to contribute to discussions within the Vectis Party

    4. Requesting your support for Vectis Party campaigns

    5. Requesting your support for Vectis Party fundraising

    6. Keeping you informed of any other information we feel may be of interest to you.

  5. You may un-subscribe or opt out of receiving information at any time by contacting the Party Secretary.



Donations to the Vectis Party are regulated by the Political Party and Referendums Act 2000 (PPERA).


  1. Donors giving more than £500 must be on a UK electoral register (we will check before accepting such a donation).

  2. Donors giving more that £7,500 to the central Vectis Party, or more than £1,500 to a Vectis Party Constituency Association in a calendar year will have their name and the value of their donation sent to the Electoral Commission which will publish details on its website. The donor’s address will not be made public.

  3. Donations must be from the donor’s own funds and may not be passed on from a third party.

  4. The Vectis Party reserves the right to refuse any donation.

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