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Mypix, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Floating Fiasco

At the time of writing this the Floating Bridge may or may not be working.  It is generally difficult to tell which is why many people now give it a wide berth.  How can you rely on something so unreliable for travel?


There are many explanations as to why the new bridge doesn’t work but it is clear to even a layman that something is seriously wrong either with the design or the construction or both.  For a vessel that has been in service nearly four years to continue suffering these problems is unacceptable.  Notwithstanding actions being taken by parties involved with Floating Bridge 6 the time has come for proper investigation of the causes of the constant reliability issues.


This is why the Vectis Party is calling for a public enquiry into the whole saga from original considerations around purchase to the current failure rate.  Somewhere something went very badly wrong and lessons need to be learnt alongside action taken to provide a reliable and safe crossing of the Medina.

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