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Looking after the Isle of Wight

I have the pleasure of revealing the Vectis Parties seven point plan entitled Looking after the Isle of Wight.  This plan lays out in bullet point format some of the key issues we believe face the Island over the next four years.  Over the next weeks further information will be revealed on all these points and more as we gear up for the expected (Covid-19 allowing) elections in May.

Looking after the Isle of Wight


The Vectis Party believes in:


Looking after Local

We believe in Localism. Decentralised powers would recognize the Islands unique situation and needs.


Looking after People

Protecting the people is the first role of any elected body. We work on behalf of the people.


Looking after the Island

The Island’s natural habitat is second to none and deserves our protection.


Looking after Jobs

The Island has a long history of industrial achievement. We will argue for a free port zone for the Medina Valley to promote investment and jobs.


Looking after Housing

The housing targets set by government are too high. We believe in social housing, reserved housing for Islanders and in making “affordable” housing affordable.


Looking after Transport

A Public Enquiry must be held over the Floating Bridge fiasco. Ferries must have a Public Service Obligation. We believe Hydrogen is the fuel of the future.


Looking after the Future

The Island needs a well-educated, motivated workforce. We will support training and skills initiatives that provide the basis for the Islands future success.



The Isle of Wight has many advantages and we will harness them to provide a better future for all who live here.

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