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Daryll Pitcher - Leader

The Leader of the Vectis Party is experienced Island Based politician Daryll Pitcher.  Daryll has a wealth of experience in campaigns and political organisation and has worked at the top level in Brussels at the European Parliament.  Having worked himself out of a job in the E.U. Daryll has taken up the challenge of achieving better representation for the Isle of Wight.

Formally a Cabinet Member on the Isle of Wight Council Daryll is keen that the Island should take greater responsibility for its own affairs believing that local is good and that the Island knows what it needs better than anyone else possibly could.  In addition to spending time on the Isle of Wight Council Daryll has also stood for election as the Islands Member of Parliament twice and for the European Parliament for the South East Region covering the Isle of Wight.

"In the current climate I believe the time is ripe for the Isle of Wight to take greater responsibility for its own future.  Nobody can fully understand the Island unless they live here and those who do must step up and deliver the services and support that the Island and its residents expect and deserve."

Daryll Pitcher

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